About Me

About Me

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Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

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About Me

Height: 5’10”(178 cm)
Weight: 170 lbs (77 kg)
Chest: 42” (107 cm)
Waist: 30” (76 cm)
Hips: 39” (99 cm)
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Two (2), Green (one of the rarest eye colors)
Equipment: Grower, cut, 8-9” (20-23 cm), thickish, handsome & hung
Body Hair: Smooth, hair on legs, manscaped pubes
General appearance: Masculine, athletic, clean & hygienic, v. attractive
Demeanor: Masculine, attractive, intelligent
Voice: Male, well-spoken, soft; little bit of a “European” accent
Birthday: October 27, Year of the Tiger
Tattoos: Yes. My animal totems (Tiger and Butterfly) on each shoulder. An OM just beneath my navel.
Piercings: Yes. A navel piercing (stud); left ear piercing (loop).

About You

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Above all, you should have self-esteem; you should be self-aware, and you should know yourself and how to be authentic and honest. You should be able to trust another man, be vulnerable, in a sharing healthy way, and able to surrender. Good hygiene, grooming, and fitness are a must.

Body type: See the body type chart, above.
Personality: Similar to mine but not the same. You should enjoy being masculine but also acknowledge your feminine principle; you must be open, honest, sincere, loyal, sensitive, curious, flexible, and a lover of life, living, creation. You can accept failure or rejection and get on with your life. You do not need control over others and avoid others’ control of you; you cherish and protect personal liberty and freedom. You are a lifetime learner in all aspects of your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual being. You believe in Transcendence, in a something that is larger and greater than yourself.
Spirituality: You are a god and acknowledge your partner as a god. You worship the masculine divine in your partner. You are a seeker of Truth and Meaning. You are not adverse to homoerotic practices and ritual love-making. Spirituality is a lifestyle option for you, and you work towards developing that aspect of yourself. You are wiling to learn yogic principles and ethics, meditation, and a path to Divine Union with your Tantric Lover.
Physicality: You are versatile and flexible. You take care of your body. You are clean and hygienic. You enjoy your body and your partner’s body. You are capable of surrendering yourself totally to your Tantric Lover. You enjoy touching and being touched. Physical sharing and mutuality are important.
Mental: You are comfortable with who you are. You have suffered, you bear the wounds, but you have moved on with your life. You are open-minded, curious, and adventurous. You enjoy learning. You may not talk a lot but when you speak, you impress with your voice and your thoughts. You realize that you have two ears and two eyes but only one mouth for a reason.
Emotional: You are capable of trust, love, and sharing. You can liberate yourself from stereotype and conditioning. You are capable of surrendering but not abandoning yourself to your lover. You  place true friendship above all else. You are comfortable with your emotions and do not hide them — but you do not wear them on your sleeve or use them as tools for manipulation or getting attention.
Social: You can enjoy being on your own. You enjoy just being with your lover. You enjoy socializing with people who are in control of themselves and their lives, who are intelligent, and who can teach you new things.  You are fair, generous and compassionate with all other beings. You avoid stereotyping and unfounded judgment (= prejudice). In this respect, we are both seekers.
Recreation: You enjoy good food and good company. You enjoy the outdoors. You enjoy a cuddle and a wrestle. You enjoy a good book, a good song, a sensuous dance. Hiking, kayaking, canoeing, backpacking, biking, a good gym workout are all on your agenda. Sometimes you will just want to be left to yourself to enjoy quiet self-care. I can and will respect those moments.
Your stage in life: Age is a number, an obstacle for many, but of no importance to a Tantrika. External beauty fades, short-lived youth corrupts, but inner beauty is timeless and a youthful heart beats forever. You have a birthday but you are always in the Eternal Now, in the moment. You may not be wealthy but you are rich. Possessions are baggage; you appreciate simplicity in life. Regardless of where you are in this life you avoid shallowness and seek depth. You are a seeker.
Your future and plans: You recognize that the future is entirely uncertain so you cultivate the Now. In the Now you prepare yourself and maintain yourself. You are grateful for each moment and greet the new moment, the new day with gratitude and humility. Whatever the future may bring, you can accept it and find meaning in it. In the Now, you will do nothing to negatively affect the future. You believe in karmic consequences and behave accordingly. If you want, I’ll be there to help.

“I define love thus: The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.”

More About Me

A Very Short Biography

I was born in Albany, New York, USA, on October 27, in a year of the Tiger. I am a true Scorpio and my animal totems are the Tiger and the Butterfly. I attended a parochial / private school until middle school. My education includes degrees in philology, psychology, medical science, and divinity.

I served in the United States Army for 4 years and received the National Defense Service Medal, the Good Conduct Medal, and the Army Commendation Medal (non-combat equivalent of the Bronze Star). I spent my entire military service in Central Europe on General Staff.

I have traveled and lived in Europe and the UK, and I speak, read and write several languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish). I have a working knowledge of several others (Greek, Hebrew, Russian, Arabic).

My working life has spanned at least three career paths; I enjoyed each for a time but when I felt I had achieved what I needed, I had the opportunity and the courage to move on. I am a far better person for having made those choices. I presently lead a simplified life and have a great many interests and activities. I practice a special spirituality and share my gifts generously.

My tāntric name is Karuna, which means compassion, and I prefer to live that way. I have been called a warrior for my defense of others and truth; my tiger spirit is not something to be toyed with. My Scorpio emotions and physicality are very highly developed in both their positive and not-so-positive (if you’re on the wrong receiving end) qualities. I do not tolerate dishonesty, disloyalty, ignorance, self-centeredness, and I do not suffer fools. You can expect and will receive my fullest support if your need is genuine and you are willing to accept help to help yourself, however.

I practice and teach the yogic principles embodied in the yama-s  and the niyamas-s , and the aṣṭāṅga philosophy. I practice and teach the disciplines of homoerotic yogic Tantra, and have created the Mascul-IN-Touch℠ program for gay men.

I welcome any questions and will be happy to respond if you contact me at gay.karuna.guy@gmail.com.

Please do not ask me for nude pictures or pictures of my parts. I do not provide such pictures. I reserve my body for my lovers and my followers. My body is a temple where I receive worship and my lovers’ gifts; my body is my sacred tool that I use to worship the divine masculine spirit in my lovers. My body is an altar for homoerotic ritual. Consider yourself and your body sacred and an object of your lover’s worship and we will understand each other wonderfully well!

My dominant chakra is Svādhiṣṭhāna, my color is vermillion, and my mantra is VAM.